Understanding the County Budget

Every year, Cook County government budgets and spends more than $3 billion. All of its funding comes from you – your sales and property taxes, your purchase fees on gas and other goods. County funding Approximately 87% of the county budget goes toward public health and safety – the health system, the jail, clinics, the county courts, and dozens of other civic operations designed to make our region prosperous, efficient, and fair.

Yet, too many residents don’t understand what Cook County government is or what it does. They keep asking, “Where exactly does my money go?”

To answer this question, my office created a website called LookAtCook.com to help taxpayers easily see and understand how Cook County allocates its dollars. The website provides a resource that presents the more than $3 billion dollar Cook County Budget in an easy to navigate and understand format. Through the use of interactive charts and graphs, users can see unmatched detail of how the County has been spending taxpayer dollars over the last decade, with the ability to compare year-to-year allocations and spending. To see how your tax dollars are being spent, visit LookAtCook.com or click on the image below.